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FTP Accounts

FTP accounts allow you to access your website's files through a protocol called FTP. You will need a third-party FTP program to access your files. You can log into via FTP by entering as your FTP host and the username and password of the account you wish to log into.

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FTP Accounts

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Special FTP Accounts (?)

Type Login Path Usage / Quota Actions
Special FTP Accounts are FTP accounts that are linked to aspects of your hosting account. Your main account is tied to the main login for your hosting account, logs accounts allow access to raw usage logs, and anonymous accounts allow anonymous access to your files. Special FTP Accounts have special restrictions and cannot be deleted.
Log access accounts allow you to download your website's raw access logs.
Anonymous FTP lets users connect to your site without logging in. Anonymous FTP access is controlled through Setup Anonymous FTP Access in the FTP Manager. The existence of an anonymous FTP account does not mean that anonymous access is enabled.
Your main account gives FTP access to all files in your web hosting account.