cPanel 11
SSL Certificate Signing Request

If you obtain a certificate from a trusted SSL provider, you must complete the Certificate Signing Request form to provide the information needed to generate your SSL certificate.

Certificate Signing Requests on Server

Domains Created (UTC) Description Actions
There are no certificate signing requests on the server.

Generate a New Certificate Signing Request (CSR)

You do not have any Private Keys setup for this account. You must generate or upload a key before you can generate any certificate signing requests.

Use this form to generate a new certificate signing request for your domain. Your SSL certificate authority (CA) will ask for a certificate signing request to complete the certificate purchase. Your CA may require specific information in the form below. Check with the CA’s CSR requirements for the Apache web server.

Provide the FQDNs that you are trying to secure, one per line. You may use a wildcard domain by adding an asterisk in a domain name in the form: * NOTE: Many CAs charge a higher price to issue multiple-domain certificates (sometimes called “UCCs” or “SAN certificates”) and certificates that include wildcard domains.
Provide the complete name for the city or locality. Do not use abbreviations.
Provide the complete name for the state or province. Do not use abbreviations.
Choose the country of origin for the certificate’s “Company”.
Provide the legally-registered name for your business. If your company name includes any symbols other than a period or comma, you must omit these or spell them out directly.
Example: A & B Corp. should be AB Corp. or A and B Corp.
Provide the name of the division or group within the above company. If the division includes any symbols other than a period or comma, you must omit these or spell them out directly.
Example: R & D should be RD or R and D.
Provide a valid email address where you can be contacted for verification of domain ownership.
Some certificate authorities may require CSRs to have a passphrase. The certificate authority can use a CSR passphrase to confirm the identity of the person or organization with whom you wish to communicate. CSR passphrases are stored unencrypted in the CSR. Because of this, and also because you will share this passphrase with a third party, do not use an important password here.